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Cheap, fun illumination for cyclists

While a standard red rear safety flasher is indispensable for twilight rides, it’s both helpful and amusing to make your bike even more luminous, especially in the city. These little lights screw into Schrader valves (Presta adaptors cost a buck) and create a pleasing glow as you ride (they’re motion sensitive and turn off after about ten seconds). They’re not going to last a lifetime and they’re not nearly as fancy or as practical as the Pedalites. They’re also not as elaborate as the larger, multi-colored spoke fixtures you can go crazy with (i.e. Hokey Spokes). However, what’s great about these is they’re inexpensive, quick to install and tiny — so much so that I now keep a set in the bag I take cycling. It’s nice to bring the option along for the ride (I unscrew them and disconnect the battery to keep them from flashing). The bike shop I frequent sells a case of these every year in the weeks leading up to Burning Man. Why wait?

-- Steven Leckart 07/11/07