Autonomous Motion

Pedalite Bike Pedals

Self-generating LED lights for urban cycling

I have been using my Pedalites the last couple of years for short-range commuting up and down an unlit, rural county road, and would indeed recommend them, $55 price tag and all. They work just as advertised: pedal for 20 seconds, and the dynamos charge up and power flashing LEDs with a resulting effect similar to marker lights on a truck. The pedal incorporates both a white “front” and red “rear” LED. You never replace batteries. They have held up to rain, though I haven’t done an extensive amount of rain riding with them.

I would say they are really best for a city commuter (I recently transplanted them onto my city bike), because the dynamos do add resistance to the system. However, I don’t mind having to work a little harder for that extra light. Note: a charged set will flash for over five minutes after you finish pedaling, which means that after you chain and walk away from your bike, it’s still there flashing “look at me! look at me! (steal me!).” Of course, “Look at me” is exactly what you DO want while riding. The LEDs don’t emit enough light to navigate, so you still need at least a headlamp — certainly while rural riding — but their side flashing is especially valuable for urban riding.

-- Ben Goetter 06/19/07

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