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Tool Tales: Contraption in My Dad’s Tool Collection


What is this mystery tool?

I came across this contraption in my dad’s tool collection after he passed away. He was an electrical engineer/computer science guy, so I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with his work. Any ideas?

Large image 1

Large image 2

It has a variety of adjustments and appears to clamp on to a shaft or housing around 3″ in diameter and is approximately 14″ x 9″ overall. It’s made of cast aluminum with a few steel shafts and plastic handles. The back has some numbers cast in to it, (shown in second image), but no manufacturer or other identifying marks.

The “Bonus” label is for when I use it as an extra credit for my technical theatre stagecraft class tool quiz. So far no one has any idea. (Although I give extra credit for creative or entertaining answers.)

-- Bill Potter 03/14/13

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