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True Wind Sailcloth Bags


Lightweight, durable duffle

These bags are made with real sailcloth, which has a very unique feel about it. As a sailor, I can tell you that Dacron sailcloth is very lightweight, extremely durable, and very water resistant. It is not damaged by sunlight and can take a lot of wear and tear. That’s why it is such a great fabric to have in a duffel bag. I bought a large duffel myself and love it. The colors are vibrant and fun; the design is taken from marine signal flags). I use mine about four times a month, mostly when traveling on the weekends. During the sailing season, I’ll use it just about every weekend while on the boat. The size I have (large) fits all my gear and space never seems to be a problem with what I need to pack for a weekend trip. There are other sailcloth bags out there, especially those made from recycled sailcloth, which is appealing in some sense, but you don’t always know where the cloth comes from or the quality. All of True Wind’s bags are made with new sailcloth that comes from an Irish company called Hood, which has a long history in the industry. The bag also just looks different and the quality is there. True Wind uses solid brass hardware, and personally, I like that they’re made in the US. The company also offers monogramming, which wasn’t available at the time I ordered mine.

— Warren B.

True Wind Sailcloth Bags
(various colors)
Available from True Wind

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