Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Anti-stuffy nose stickers

There are certain solutions I can’t imagine ever being improved upon. These simple, effective stick-on strips, which help pinch open your nasal passages, are one of them. I’ve been using them for years now, mostly during allergy season when I’ll pick up a pack of the mentholated vapor variety. The cooling relief is instant, impressively so. I often have major trouble sleeping due to severe congestion and allergies. When I don’t want to resort to antihistamines, which can leave me groggy in the a.m., these comfortable, non-drowsy strips step in to ensure a decent night’s rest. If you’re a snorer, an athlete or sports fan, these strips are nothing new to you. I figured they’d already been reviewed on Cool Tools, and was surprised to find they hadn’t. I’m also surprised that in all this time, the company has not only cornered the market, but avoided mucking up the product with a confusing number of variations. There are just three incarnations: tan, clear and mentholated. And two adult sizes: small/medium and large.

-- Steven Leckart 04/17/08

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