Trupulse Bluetooth Transducer Speaker


Turns any solid surface into a speaker

I received a TruPulse Bluetooth Transducer Speaker for Christmas, and have been blown away by the portability and sound quality. This little device connects to a sound source via BlueTooth or the included line-in cable, and turns any surface into a speaker through transduction. Tables, boxes, walls – anything you can set it on.

This technology has been around for a while, finding a home in outdoor audio. What makes the TruPulse a Cool Tool is that it’s so portable. I can toss this in the bag with my phone and it’s less cumbersome than a set of speakers. I can pair it with my laptop on the dresser, and set the speaker on my nightstand to have the audio closer to me. It also gets loud enough to serve your livingroom from the coffee table.

I could see this being handy for the laptop road warrior in presentations, since you might have access to a projector, but speakers may be hard to come by.

-- Brian Schaefer 01/21/13

(Note: The DIY electronics resource Sparkfun sells a simple transducer speaker kit for those interested in a DIY option.--OH — editors)