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Respro Sportsta Mask


Cold weather respirator

As an avid cyclist who cycles to work everyday, all year round, I’ve had a lot of throat infections throughout the years simply due to the cold air. A buff scarf is great for isolation but hard to breath through, gets humid and inevitably ends up frozen.

Recently, I discovered Respro’s Sportsa Mask which is made from neoprene and filters the air. Inhaled air is not so cold anymore and only influences breathing a little bit (you get used to it). After my 35 minute ride there’s some condensation on the outside valves. I can see this freezing when temperature drop below 0C, but Respro also has an X-treme Mask for cooler conditions.

It’s proven itself time and again as it enables me to bike outside when its cold, while also filtering the air.

-- David 01/22/13

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