Potentially-cool tools

Cool Tools Untried look cool, but — buyer beware — may seem cooler than they actually are. Neither I nor any of our reviewers has actually used the items below, so we can’t endorse them or speak from experience. If you have used any of these and can report (positively or negatively) — or if you have a similar item you love — please let us know in the comments below or via our submit page. Until then, here’s some intriguing stuff — Steven Leckart

Available from Go Fast and Light

Biodegradable fishing line that functions like typical fishing line, but supposedly breaks up fully after five years (and even sooner, it wears down enough that a trapped fish can break free — again, that’s the claim). The company also manufactures dissolving medical sutures.


(Thanks Padraig!)

Presto Planter
Available from Clean Air Gardening

Auger attachment for power drill to help prep soil for seeds and bulbs.


EcoBee Smart Thermostat
Available from EcoBee

Programmable home climate control with a slick touchscreen interface.


Lifesaver Water Bottle
Available from LIFESAVER

H20 bottle with an integrated, replaceable carbon filter and pump.


(Thanks Rob!)

1-Step Metric Conversion Calculator
Available from Amazon

Enables quick metric conversions, when you’re on site and/or offline.


Peltor Ear Muffs for Hard Hats
Available from Ear Plug Store

Helmet-ready ear protection.


ULINE Scooter Cart
Available from ULINE

A worker’s comp disaster in the making? Maybe. No doubt a fun way to speed up the stock room, though.


USB Cell
Available from USB Cell

AA Batteries that recharge via USB.