Vintage French Fry Cutter


Easy potato slicer

I picked up this handy little gadget at a garage sale this spring for a buck. As someone who loves homefries, I’ve longed after those big commercial french fry cutters, but couldn’t justify taking up that much space in my kitchen.

This cutter, made by Uebel Co. in the mid-1900s, is simple yet effective, made from an aluminum frame with comfortable grips and a crosshatch of sturdy wires. It takes up hardly any space, and cuts sturdy fries that are a nice size for frying or baking. It takes minimal effort to cut through the potato, especially if you first slice the bottom off the potato so it doesn’t roll around while you’re cutting it.

I haven’t seen these new anywhere, but they can be found on Etsy for under $10.

-- Abbie Stillie 10/12/13