Haddon Lumbermaker


Turn logs into boards

I first used my Haddon Lumbermaker yesterday. I had a large maple tree in my back yard cut down (it was in danger of falling). I arranged for all the resulting logs to be left. I have been cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, and decided to try making boards from big straight logs.

I remembered my late grandfather had used a “Lumbermaker” attachment for his chainsaw. I searched the web and found, lo and behold, this product is still available. So I bought one.

Yesterday, I fabricated a reusable guide rail from a 4-foot length of 2×6 (by drilling and countersinking 4 rows of 3 holes 18 inches apart, and equipping the holes with nails and washers), attached the Lumbermaker to a 14-inch McCulloch electric saw with three set screws, and sawed my first two slabs off a 3 foot log about 10 inches in diameter. I’m halfway to making a rectangular slab from a round log! Going is slow, but nothing that can’t be solved if needed by using a more powerful saw with a longer bar.


-- Marc Wolman 10/11/13