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This two-sided page contains the wisdom of an entire book on how to write better. Nay, it distills an entire shelf of the world’s greatest writing manuals (and I have them all). After 30 years as both a writer and editor I can’t think of much I would add to these 50 short tips. This PDF is now my favorite guide to writing well. You can print it out for free. If you want its pithy reminders fleshed out with more examples, see the book form, or the website. But the free tip sheet itself — one paper printed both sides — rewards a quick review anytime you get down to serious writing.

-- KK  

Quick 50 Writing Tools PDF
Free PDF

Writing Tools
Roy Peter Clark
272 pgs

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Sample Excerpts:

14. Get the Name of the Dog. Dig for the concrete and specific, details that appeal to the senses.

18. Set the Pace with Sentence Length. Vary sentences to influence the reader’s speed.

23. Tune Your Voice. Read drafts aloud.