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Outdoor TV watching setup

Some time ago we ended up with a 26″ flat screen TV from some giveaway deal. It’s no great thing but it doesn’t suck either, and we had no idea what to do with it. It was an off & on puzzle for a while… All the flat screens these days have hardware in their backs for mounting. I found this simple stand on Amazon ($57), added a Roku stick and a flat HD antenna to the TV and put the whole mess out on the patio. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube & Broadcast outside. Party, friends or just us, it’s a good addition. The mount is heavy enough that it’d be hard to blow it over (but not impossible, I guess). A thick contractor’s trash bag slips right over the whole thing to keep the weather off. We keep the remotes in a Ziploc on the table out there. Recently added is a Bluetooth transmitter so the TV’s speakers don’t irritate my noise-sensitive neighbors and a Bluetooth speaker sits near us. (This TV has two USB power sockets and the Roku, BT & antenna each want a little bit of juice. A USB power splitter happily keeps all three going – YMMV. Just one AC power cord in use here.) A few weeks ago I made a pass through a bunch of local pawn shops and saw more than a few smaller TVs looking for a home. Found another Roku at one too. You can add a similar setup to your patio/deck for a relatively small investment too. And it’s easy to put away at the end of the season.

-- Wayne Ruffner 07/17/18