img 11/22/13

Desktop cellular phone

Looks and behaves like a landline

img 02/6/13


Collaboration software

img 11/29/12

Getting To Yes

Best advice on how to negotiate

img 10/24/12

Etymotic’s ETY•COM

Cellphone headset for noisy conditions

img 09/28/12

Lucy Phone

No more hold music

img 09/7/12

Presentation Zen

Best guide for presentations

img 06/6/12

Grip Tape iPhone Backing

Gives your iPhone grip


Chased By the Light

Chased by the Light This project is a zen masterpiece. It is also a behavior-modifiying challenge for all digital photographers: …


Big Bandwidth

To get the most bandwidth these days use cable. For my home/home office we switched from the fastest internet we …

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