img 04/1/09

Lazy Dog

Weeder on steroids

img 09/12/08

Plants for a Future

Guide to edible & useful foliage

img 08/22/08

Mycelium Running

Using fungi as tools

img 07/15/08

MacKissic Mighty Mac Chipper Shredder

Workhorse lumber breaker-upper

img 07/5/07

Tubtrug Buckets

Robust, flexible multipurpose pails

img 07/2/07

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Chainsaw

High-powered branch & limb maintenance

img 03/21/07

Volkmann Reservoir Wick Pot

Self-regulating plant watering & feeding

img 01/15/07

Green Cone

Omnivorous composting

img 09/21/06

Grandpa’s Weeder

Leveraged lawn weed puller

img 08/2/06


The best gardening innovations

img 07/26/06

Weed Wrench

Removing big weeds