Paper World

img 03/14/17

No-Break Mechanical Pencil

Pencil has spring tip to prevent lead from snapping

img 12/6/16

Boogie Board

Replacement for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes

img 10/11/16

Lighted Pen

Write in the dark

img 08/29/16

Adhesive Vinyl Pockets

Handy adhesive pockets

img 05/26/16

Clutch Pencil Set

Artist’s lead holder with a built in sharpener

img 05/23/16

Engineers Field Book

Notebook with extra stiff orange hardbound cover

img 03/1/16

Graphik Line Maker Drawing Pens

A pen that behaves like a graphic pencil

img 09/17/15

Olfa Touch-Knife

Spring loaded utility knife

img 09/15/15

Pentel Side FX Mechanical Pencil

Pencil with dial-up eraser and easy lead advancement

img 08/19/15

Staple-less Stapler

Staples stacks of paper without staples

img 07/3/15

The Elements of Pop-Up

Guide to making pop-up books