Paper World

img 01/26/18

Uniball Signo White Pen

Write in white on dark surfaces

img 01/13/18

The Thumb Thing

Book Manipulation Device

img 12/26/17

BIC Cristal Pen

Tungsten carbide ball ensures smooth flow of BIC ink

img 11/14/17

EK Tools Bone Folder

Cheap plastic bone folder that lasts forever

img 10/17/17


Scan and save your printed photos using your phone’s camera

img 06/28/17

Saunders Clipboard

Indestructible paper shelter

img 05/9/17

Flat-Clinch Stapler

Staples clinch flat so papers stack neatly

img 12/6/16

Boogie Board

Replacement for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes

img 10/11/16

Lighted Pen

Write in the dark

img 08/29/16

Adhesive Vinyl Pockets

Handy adhesive pockets

img 05/26/16

Clutch Pencil Set

Artist’s lead holder with a built in sharpener