img 12/15/04

Kapla Blocks

Precision building blocks

img 11/11/04

Silly Putty by the pound

A large pile of silliness

img 11/10/04

Thinking Putty

Enhanced silly putty

img 08/27/04

Glow Tubes, in bulk

Cool bendable lights

img 07/6/04

Stream Machine

Simple water cannon

img 06/3/04


Radio-control source

img 03/31/04

All-Star Games

Wholesome group fun

img 02/2/04

Junkyard Wars

Competitive tinkering

img 01/22/04

White Dwarf

Tabletop Wargaming

img 12/11/03


Accelerated learning via competition

img 10/27/03


A frisbee for clowns and kids

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