img 01/31/18

Kerbal Space Program Controller [Maker Update #69]

The best maker projects and tips of the week

img 01/27/18

Best use of the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker

One of the greatest hits of the Cool Tools blog

img 01/25/18

Nintendo’s Cardboard Kits [Maker Update #68]

The best maker projects and tools of the week

img 01/16/18

Beaded Cable Tie

Easier than a twist tie



Round off wood edges

img 01/6/18

Rip Cut Circular Saw Guide

Turn your circular saw into a precision cutting tool

img 01/2/18

Duck Brand Removable Mounting Poster Putty

Why every toolkit needs cheap poster putty

img 12/26/17

USB Powered Soldering Iron

Portable soldering irons

img 12/23/17

Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit

Mount a camera to almost anything

img 12/11/17

Favorite tool finds under $10

A roundup of inexpensive useful tools