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When designing a space or wearables for humans, you’ll need precise measurements of our size. How high to put a door knob, the circumference of our necks, how far we can reach overhead? There’s no such thing as an average person, so you’ll also need to know what the variances are, too. There’s a number of good sources for this data, but the most complete set, with the greatest clarity, and most affordable price is Human Dimensions. This data set was distilled from ergonomic research started by NASA for designing space capsules and broadened over the years to include the ergonomics of wheelchairs and crutches, bathtubs, workplaces and public spaces among many other everyday situations. I prefer its very graphic presentation. Good for architects, costume designers, gadget makers, interface designers, and interior decorators.

-- KK 01/25/13


Figure 1-4. The human body and the Golden Section






Adapted from Human Factors Engineering, U.S. Air Force Systems Command Handbook, DH1-3, P. DN2B11, 19.


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