Outlaw handbooks

This is a school for outlaws. Most of the time law breakers should be arrested as quickly as possible; very occasionally an outlaw becomes a hero, like in a movie. This catalog of 800 instruction manuals for how to break laws (and all ten commandments) makes no subtle distinction between these modes. That essential chore is up to you.

Use these books with discretion — most of them are pretty lame, and primarily feed the fantasies of 17-year old boys and genuine misanthropes. Some are reprehensible and evil. However, I find value in simply knowing that anti-establishment information (How to Survive Federal Prison Camp, How to Use Fake IDs to Disappear in America, How to Beat Your Parking Ticket) has a home and can be read. Just for curiosity’s sake, of course.

A friend of mine leaves a copy of Loopmanic’s “How to Survice Federal Prison Camp” sitting on the tank of his guest bathroom toilet. Since it is about the prison grind for white-collar felons he says it’s a BIG crowd pleaser.

-- KK 01/10/05