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Nelson’s Wood Shims


Cheaper wobble wedges

I recently moved into an old building with uneven floors, and found that these wood shims are the perfect tool for straightening furniture. That’s great and all, but it’s still just a tapered piece of wood. What makes that such a Cool Tool?

I initially assumed these wedges were made by a company that makes a lot of other things, perhaps making shims out of discarded scraps of wood from other products, turning waste into more profit.

I was surprised to find after a bit of research that the company Nelson Wood Shims has been dedicated to making shims since 1960, and they are very serious about their shims. They build them to exacting specifications, and test them for proper moisture and function before shipping.

I appreciate this kind of dedication to perfecting such a simple product: a wooden wedge, one of the six classical simple machines. The definition of a cool tool.

-- David Friedman 02/25/11

(Note: Though these are already significantly cheaper than the previously reviewed Wobble Wedge you can almost certainly find them for less sans shipping at your local hardware store.--OH — editors)