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Recomendo: issue no. 242

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Stovetop Espresso
I’ve owned a few different stovetop espresso makers, and my favorite is the Milano 6-cup from Grosche. I especially like the handle that extends far enough from the pot to keep from getting too hot to touch. It’s $27, but they currently have a $3 discount code on the product page. — MF

Catalog of handicap solutions
When I’m searching for something to help with a mobility issue in myself or another, I found looking in this pdf catalog of occupational therapy devices by Functional Solutions to open my eyes to what’s been invented before and already available. They have a lot of cool things for temporary disabilities (say an incapacitated limb) and for old age aids, like ergonomic kitchen utensils, doorknob extenders, or bathroom fixtures. You can’t order from this industry catalog, but you can find the items elsewhere online. Or make one yourself. — KK

Heart emoji breakdown
Here’s a happy blog post: What Every Heart Emoji Really Means. Just happy stats about which heart emoji is the most popular, what meanings have been attributed to the different colored hearts, and what the heart emojis translate to on different devices. This is just a personal plea for more use of the heart emoji all around. Also, I just discovered “heart exclamation”❣️ — CD

What to Watch
Just type “what to watch” in the Google search bar and you’ll be presented with what appears to be an algorithmically curated offering of popular shows. Somehow, the list it generates is better suited to my interests than Just Watch or other streaming recommendation services. You can filter by TV show or movie and by genre and, most importantly to me, subgenre (like “Horror dramas”). — MF

“Do not buy” list
Piggy-backing on an old recomendo tip for budgeting, my wishlists have morphed into a “Do not buy” list I keep on my phone. At the end of 2020, I went through all the product links I saved that I didn’t buy and asked myself if I still wanted them. Most of them were a resounding “No” and then deleted. Only a few were redirected to my husband for Christmas. The list continues to grow and money continues to be saved. — CD

Movie scene search
Flim is a new AI search engine that will search inside of movies, kind of. So if I am looking for all the scenes in any movie where someone is wearing a pirate hat, I can in theory find all the instances of that. In practice Flim will return many of them but many other hat scenes, too. Or I might want to find all scenes in movies with gold bars. Flim can find the gold, but not all bars. Right now, the beta version of Flim search is far from perfect, but way better than nothing if you want to search deep inside movie scenes by keywords. — KK

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 03/7/21

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