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Short documentary of an African city

A few years ago buried somewhere within cooltools (probably) was a short film about  an African city that I could …

img 3/31/04

African Ceremonies

Diversity extravaganza

img 12/9/03


Another grand video survey of the African continent worth tracking down. Created by National Geographic, this ambitious series deals with …

img 7/24/03

Wonders of the African World

Access to historical civilizations of Africa

img 7/24/20

Cooper Bates, Co-founder Hint Mint

Cool Tools Show 236: Cooper Bates

img 2/14/20

Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher at IFTF

Cool Tools Show 213: Mike Liebhold

img 8/9/19

Jeremy Kirshbaum, Research Affiliate at IFTF

Cool Tools Show 187: Jeremy Kirshbaum

img 7/15/18


Recomendo: issue no. 103