img 02/26/10

Smart Move Tape

Clearest box labeling

img 11/18/09

Printed Space

Custom wallpaper and flooring

img 12/3/08

Builders of the Pacific Coast

Guide to west coast DIY shelters

img 11/28/08

How to Build an Igloo

Snow shelter construction

img 10/20/08

Living Aboard

Living Aboard Magazine, still printed on paper, is devoted to the concerns and needs of liveaboards. It’s a pretty cozy …

img 06/26/08

$50 and Up Underground House Book

Classic guide to low-cost subterranean dwelling

img 12/14/07


Furniture cut-outs for visualizing

img 12/11/07

Chilewich Woven Vinyl Rugs

Low-maintenance, liquid-resistant floor covering

img 08/8/07


Bargain, super easy online real estate

img 05/16/06

Home Staging

Optimizing the selling price of your home

img 05/9/06

Mongolian Cloudhouses

How to build a seasonal tent-cabin

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