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Furniture cut-outs for visualizing

img 12/11/07

Chilewich Woven Vinyl Rugs

Low-maintenance, liquid-resistant floor covering

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Bargain, super easy online real estate

img 05/16/06

Home Staging

Optimizing the selling price of your home

img 05/9/06

Mongolian Cloudhouses

How to build a seasonal tent-cabin

img 03/15/05


Igloo-making tool

img 08/27/04

Home Work

Why to build your own home

img 05/31/04

Handmade Houseboats

Cheapest way to live on water

img 04/27/04

Building Bamboo Fences

Durable, textured, useful

img 02/5/04

Architecture Without Architects

Highly-evolved home design

img 02/5/04

Built By Hand

Best of vernacular buildings around the world

img 08/22/03

Oriental Rugs Today

Art you can sit on