img 11/2/15

Window Wedge

A way to keep windows open but prevent break-ins

img 10/27/15

Horizontal window overhang calculator

Aid to sizing window overhangs for optimal energy savings

img 10/20/15

Nokero Solar Light Bulbs

Lightbulb with a built-in battery and solar panel

img 10/9/15

Korky Universal Toilet Valve and Flapper

Toilet valve and flapper fits most toilets

img 09/21/15

Room Essentials Fast Dry Towels

Inexpensive highly absorbent towels

img 07/20/15

Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Switch

Programmable solar time table switch

img 06/18/15

Anti Icky Poo odor remover

Effective stain and odor removing spray

img 05/13/15

Housepaint Touch-Up Bottle

Convenient paint touch up

img 04/27/15

Ableware Two Key Holder

Makes it easier to turn house keys

img 03/24/15

Ryobi Cordless Finish Sander

Doubles as a power scrubber

img 03/17/15


Blow and poke your way to a roaring fire

img 03/16/15

Vornado Room Air Circulator

Lowers heating and cooling bills

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