img 12/12/14

Metal Radiator Humidifier

Add humidity to your home

img 11/3/14

Caframo Ecofan Airmax Heat Powered Stove Fan

Distributes woodstove heat around a room

img 10/27/14

Torin Aluminum Work Platform

Sturdy, foldable work step

img 09/24/14

Texas Fireframe Fireplace Grate

Efficient way to burn ordinary logs in an ordinary fireplace

img 08/15/14

Swivel Straight Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas trees stand straight

img 06/25/14

Programmable Digital Outlet Timer

Has a slot to store its instruction sheet

img 06/13/14


Organized storage for small items

img 06/3/14

Deckkeeper Tie-Downs

Keep deck furniture from blowing over

img 05/26/14

Twist A Lite

Portable spot lighting

img 04/14/14

Eco Brick

Easy to store and use firewood substitute