Coin-sized Pocket Screwdrivers

Pocket Screwdrivers - Woodworking.jpeg

I know, I know, the world is awash in screwdrivers of all different sizes. But that’s the point, this ONE screwdriver IS all different sizes. At least all flat-heads, and it’s cheap and small enough to keep in a pocket or on every keyring. Even the TSA can’t object to it, and when you buy a dozen you can give them to all your non-tool-returning friends and still have enough extras to stash in drawers, the dash compartments in the car or boat, map pocket in the airplane, your gym bag, dock kit, you name it. Now if only they could come up with something similar for Phillips-head…

-- Tom O'Neill  

Pocket Screwdrivers
One dozen

Manufactured by and available from Lee Valley