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Eaglecreek Packing Cubes


Packing organizer

These nylon zip-up packing cubes vastly simplify travel of all kinds. I’d used ziploc bags, net bags, and many other sub-containers, and couldn’t imagine why anyone would pay $10 or so for a nylon box with a mesh lid. Now I always use them.

They aren’t cube shaped, but more of a lunch-box flat rectangle shape. Because of their shape, you can cram lots into one, and still have a firm rectangular parcel. They come in various colors, and modular sizes–cube, half cube, double cube etc– so they stack efficiently. There is a convenient nylon-strap handle on one edge.

I traveled 6 weeks in the Middle East in winter, with just a carry-on backpack. Though it only opened at the top, I could unpack in minutes, pulling out the various parcels, to stack on a hostel bed or floor. Red was clothing, blue was first aid, green was food, black was bedding, and so on. None of the usual backpack chaos. When camping, I don’t have to deal with rummaging in a suitcase in the tent, just grab the parcel I want. Things stay neat.

Periodically, I treat myself to another one. I haven’t used the two-sided, padded or other fancier models, just the basic 1/4, 1/2, and double cube.

-- Mariah Nadeau 07/14/10

(Note: Multiple sizes (and features) are available but they vary in price. -- OH — editors)