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Heininger Commutemate Instacloth

Water activated cloth

The Instacloth is a pill about the size of a mint or a large antacid that comes 8 to a pack. When dampened slightly, they expand and open up into a 9×9 wiping cloth. Besides being very small, they are very strong (they are cloth, not a paper towel) and do not shred. If you are miserly, they can be kept and reused, but can be disposed of without guilt. If you need something portable, they are perfect. They are ideal in your car for instant spill clean up or at the office, for coffee spills or whatever.


They are a unique item unlike anything I have seen personally, and have proven practical and very useful- I have grandkids, and they have come in handy several times. I discovered the Instacloth in a Sportsman’s Warehouse store a few months ago and was intrigued by the idea and bought some and have been using them ever since.

-- Stephen Young 07/12/10

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