Cutco Trimmer Kitchen Knife


Knife with a lifetime guarantee

These days, it’s easy to find a knife that is sharp enough for daily kitchen chores, but here’s the challenge: finding one that is sharp and well made and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and free sharpening to boot (you pay a small fee to cover postage).

Cutco is an American located company and has been making knives since 1949 and offers a full line of everything form paring knives (of which the Trimmer is one) to kitchen shears to sets, tools and cookware. Their knives are expensive but worth it. I dropped my first Trimmer on a tile floor and the blade broke. I sent it back to the company and within days, had a new one shipped to me which has since (along with our other knives) been sharpened. We usually send them off during an annual vacation since it takes about one week to and fro and have done this for ten years. They come back sharpened, cleaned, buffed and looking like new.

-- Neil Salkind 03/16/17