OpSite Flexifix Transparent Film


Long-lasting, flexible, inexpensive adhesive bandage roll

We’ve been using this film for about 5 years now. The basic product is sold under several brand names – 3m Tegaderm probably being the most famous – but the OpSite version is the cheapest I’ve run across. We initially used it to augment the adhesive patches for our diabetic daughter’s insulin pump and CGM sites. The stock adhesive patch of these items wouldn’t make it through a day of swimming or a few days of showering. After using a few of the large and expensive Tegaderm pads we discovered this roll version. With the roll you can custom size any kind of bandage you need. Unlike normal self adhesive bandages this film stretches more with your body so I find it lasts longer on finger and other joint injuries. The film is also significantly cheaper than normal bandages. An 11-yard roll can make hundreds and hundreds of your typical 1/2″ bandage. The only downside is it’s transparent so you get to see your injury. We haven’t bought a box of conventional adhesive bandages since we’ve discovered this product.

-- Mike DiTullio 03/17/17