Tool Chest

Gorilla Gripper


Carry drywall with ease

I have used this tool to haul sheet goods over the last couple of years during a whole house renovation. There are probably ten sheets of drywall that I haven’t replaced upstairs and in the basement of my 1100 sq.ft bungalow. I have mostly used the Gorilla Gripper to haul drywall but have also used it to haul sheets of plywood around the house. With it I can haul 14 foot sheets of drywall by myself with ease. I no longer have to wait to have someone around to help move sheet goods.

— Rob Chapman

As an alternative to the now unrecommended Stanley Panel Carry consider the Gorilla Gripper. (I own both.) It’s 9 times as ‘spensive, but I feel like it works significantly better for a few reasons.

With the Stanley, I had to bend my back at an awkward angle to pick up the sheet – the length from the tray (where the bottom edge of the sheet goods rest) to the handle is too short. (Perhaps Big Horn Panel Toter is a good middle of the road solution @ $12. I have not tried it, but the handle looks longer.) The difference is stooping down to reach the handle at 14″ vs. at 4 feet (the height of the panel).

Also, you have to put both the Stanley and the alternative under the bottom edge of the sheet. This can be awkward if it is heavy, like plywood, and seems more prone to damaging corners. The GG lifts from the top of the panel.

It’s easier to adjust your balance, since you don’t have the friction of the material preventing moving the tool side to side, and probably easier to test balance, too.

— D. Sastray