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Stanley Panel Carry


Sheetrock moving aid

I’m remodeling my house. I got a low bid from a drywall guy — only catch was I had to buy and haul all the drywall, which turned out to include 4’x12′ sheets for the ceiling — 7 of them! I only had one guy helping me. The 4’x12’s were about 100lbs each, not to mention totally awkward and cumbersome to maneuver. The total haul was over 2500lbs. A dude at the store recommended the Stanley Panel Carry — about 8 bucks there, but 6 on Amazon. Anyway, this seemingly simple and obvious tool made luggin’ all that drywall a manageable process — the 12 footers in particular, since they are only 5/8″ thick and wobble enough to break if you torque them too much whilst lugging. I saved about 1,000 bucks on the drywall bid, made easy by an investment of $16 for two Panel Carrys. Very cool tool.

-- Jon David 05/3/06

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