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img 04/3/08

21-LED Flashlight

Cheap, super bright torch

img 03/20/08

Lemnis Pharox LED Bulb

Warm,white, longlasting 40w replacement

img 03/3/08

Aladdin Lamps

Bright, oil/kerosene-powered lighting

img 02/6/08

AO LED Safety Glasses

Hands-free illumination & eyeball shield

img 09/3/07


Pocket UV-powered water purifier

img 07/11/07

Tire Sparx

Cheap, fun illumination for cyclists

img 06/19/07

Pedalite Bike Pedals

Self-generating LED lights for urban cycling

img 05/8/07

Newlite Portable, Solar LED Lights

Read at night (compliments of the Sun)

img 04/11/07

GUM Oral Care Kit

Mirrored flashlight for oral & mechanical work

img 03/2/07

Stanley Tripod Flashlight

Portable, hands-free LED lighting

img 11/27/06

Electrilite Flashlight

Compact forever emergency light and radio

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