AO LED Safety Glasses


Hands-free illumination & eyeball shield

Wearing these safety glasses sure beats trying to hold a flashlight and use your hands. I own head-mounted lamps, which I use for certain activities, but wearing safety glasses and a headlamp can be a little too bulky. I got these safety glasses about 6 months ago after some of the guys I work with were using them on the job for viewing plans at dusk/night. I’m a Highway Safety Consultant, however my background is construction and I still do some work in that area, so most of my work requires approved safety glasses. I just wear these on a neck cord and put them on as I need them during the day or night. Each side has its own switch. They are great for working in any low light situation, so I also enjoy wearing them for activities that do not really require safety glasses. I use mine for wiring electrical panels since the light is usually poor in a new house that doesn’t have power. Some of the older guys I work with use the bifocal version. I recently got my mother-in-law a pair of the bifocal ones for sewing detail work.

-- Scott Newton 02/6/08

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