Adhesive Rulers


Stick a ruler to most any flat surface

I make lots of stuff, and measuring is integral to making stuff right, so I like having rulers everywhere. Several years ago, someone gave me an adhesive back measuring tape that I stuck to the edge of a table, and from then on, I wanted more.

I loved always having that ruler there, never having to go look for a ruler or a measuring tape, or go get a longer-than-needed yardstick because I had misplace my 12-inch ruler in some other measuring episode. I thought it would be great to put rulers like that on the edge of the kitchen counter, inside my desk drawer at work, on the edge of any table I’m doing work at, and on the outside of my knitting bags.

(I once thought pretty hard about getting dots tattooed on my index fingers, half an inch apart, so I’d always be able to measure things.)

About 3 years ago I did some research online, and found a company that manufactures all kinds of measuring equipment just across the river from me, in Oregon City, Oregon. I had to go visit after I read that “Oregon Rule specializes in adhesive backed rulers” in the Google blurb.

The company owner was there the day I visited, and he showed me all kinds of rulers, for things I had not even imagined. When I told him what I was looking for, there were an overwhelming number of options available: I came away with several rolls of ruled tape, enough adhesive 18″ metal rules to give one to each my co-workers for the pencil drawers on their desks, and an 8 foot adhesive back polyester ruler to put down the middle of the table in my craft room.

I can’t say that the rulers Oregon Rule makes are in any way better than other rulers, but the ability to put rulers everywhere I want them has made it easier for me to measure things accurately and quickly.

-- Kathy Warner 04/2/15