Lacto-Freedom Pills


For people with lactose intolerance

I’ve suffered from lactose intolerance since I was a kid. I love dairy, but I’d become even less pleasant to be around than normal after consuming it. The per-meal pills never seemed to work well for me. Lactose-free milk does, but it’s not widely available at restaurants, etc., so I’d often have to go dairy-free while away from home (or suffer the consequences).

I’ve tried Lacto-Freedom pills ($25 per bottle) for the last few weeks, and I’m sold. It seems that it’s been out for a few years, but I only learned of it late last year. Lacto-Freedom is a weeklong, 3 pills-per-day treatment that allows you to consume dairy without issues for an extended period of time. Per the reviews I’ve seen, everyone’s mileage varies—some people can go a full year before symptoms return, some can go a few weeks, and for some unlucky few, it doesn’t appear to work very long at all.

-- Loren Bast 05/15/19