3M Optical Mousing Surface


A better mousepad

Most of the time I use my Macbook Air while sitting at an old wooden table. Recently I noticed that my Magic Mouse wasn’t working very well with the Air even though I’d Pledged the wood as best I could. So badly was it tracking that I had to switch to a wired mouse which worked just fine.

But who wants that? So I did a bit of research to see what I could find to make my wireless mouse work the way it’s supposed to. After a bit of searching I stumbled upon this tool.

Bottom line: this mouse pad works perfectly, does what it says, tracks precisely and effortlessly, and thus consigns my backup wired mouse to the utility drawer.

The pad is a 7-inch x 8.5-inch piece of thin plastic with some sort of specialized texture akin to a diffraction grating engraved on the top. The reverse side has a repositionable backing that keeps the surface in place and lifts off without damaging furniture or leaving any residue. The package shows some guy removing it from the top of his laptop, which would be an easy way to take it with you. Also works nicely with a wired mouse, by the way.

Bonus: On the front of the package it says “Extends battery life up to 75% for wireless mice.” You’ll have to take 3M’s word for the battery life extension but even if it’s wishful thinking, the improved mouse function makes this an excellent addition to your batterie de computer.

Highly recommended.

-- Joe Stirt 08/23/11