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3M Tekk Virtua Safety Glasses


Cheap biking goggles

I love cycling fast, but the wind makes my eyes water, especially in cooler weather. That is probably a safety hazard.

So I got these safety glasses to wear while biking. They ride high enough that they will block the wind even when you are hunched down low over the handlebars, and there is no frame to block your vision. They are cheap enough to be nearly disposable. The frames are wide enough to fit even my wide Korean cheekbones, but still fit closely enough that no wind sneaks around the edges. They are available in a variety of colors if you need glare reduction.

Their only downsides: 1) the lens have sharpish edge that wouldn’t bother most people, but do very lightly touch my Korean cheekbones. I softened the edges with some sandpaper. 2) they don’t come with a case. (I use an old sock.)

Simple, cheap, effective. They probably make dandy safety goggles in the shop too, but this model is particularly suited to cycling, because of the lack of frame.

They are available at Home Depot in one or two colors, and at Amazon in all colors.

-- Karl Chwe 09/24/15