7-inch Sidewalk Scraper


Scrapes almost anything from sidewalks or floor surfaces

I just moved from California to Rochester, New York, and am suddenly experiencing all the joys and tribulations of winter. One of the unexpected effects of snow is that, over the months, my driveway built up a thick coating of compressed snow which turned into ice.

I picked up a sidewalk scraper at my local hardware store to help deal with the problem. It’s basically a 7″ piece of hard, straight metal attached to the end of a stick, and it allows me to jab, whack, scrape and lever the packed-on ice. It’s hard work to clear a whole driveway, but much better than my previous attempts with a snow shovel and a garden shovel. Now I can slam it straight down on thick swathes of ice to break it up a bit and then wedge the scraper in between the ice and the driveway. There’s something very satisfying about prying up a huge, 4″ thick piece of ice all in one go. The tool also turned out to be extremely useful when the snowplow laid an 18″ thick pile of rock-hard slush at the bottom of the driveway – I used the scraper to quickly break it up into manageable pieces which I could easily clear with the snow shovel.

-- Daniel Ashbrook 09/30/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2016 — editors)

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