8-in-1 Film to Digital Converter


Digitize your dead media

I have a large archive of film dating back to the 1970s. Black and white negatives and color slides. I have an Epson scanner with film holders, and while it does a good job, it can take a long, too long time per slide. I had tried a digital camera attachment and that worked ok, but scan quality varied depending on the background lighting behind the attachment. Plus the Nikon digital camera it worked with was quickly outmoded and replaced with newer, higher resolution, gear.

Then, a year or so ago, I found the Wolverine F2D Mighty [the newer version is called the Titan). It is a dedicated film scanner that can make a 20M pixel scan in a couple seconds. It has film carriers for 35mm, 110 and 8/Super8 film. It can scan color and B/W negatives and positives (slides). It has a LCD preview screen and is powered by a USB connection to a computer. It also has a SD card slot where it saves scans. You can upload scans to the computer over USB or just move the SD card (which is what I do).

The software is rudimentary but good enough for me since all I need is to get the image file to the computer.

At this point I am nearly done with my archive (at least I think I might be – you never know when you will find that forgotten shoe box full of negatives). My starving artist, cheapskate friends now are borrowing Mighty and happily and quickly digitizing their film too.

-- RJ Godin 01/7/19

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