A Putty Knife for 3D Printing

Right-Angled Spatula

BuildTak BT30185 Spatula

Guest: Matt Stultz, Head of Community, Prusa Research

To get a good print, you really have to make sure that your print is stuck to your printbed really well. Sometimes getting that print off can be a real hassle and I’ve had more than more than a couple friends go to the emergency room after taking razor blades to their fingers trying to get prints off.

That was all fixed when BuildTek a company that makes a film to put onto your printbed to keep your print stuck down, created this, the BuildTek Spatula. It looks a lot like your normal putty knife, but it has really nice angles on it so you can get into a print and get a glancing blow underneath. It’s not too sharp. But the best part is this offset handle. When you’re trying to peel a part off, all your force is going straight across. You’re not having to angle down and it’s not gouging up your plate because it’s coming straight across.

-- Matt Stultz 06/15/20