Book Freak #14: Rules to Live By


Simple advice for living

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In this issue of Book Freak: simple advice for living.

Three rules to live by
“Three rules [Lou Reed] and I came up with – rules to live by. The first one is don’t be afraid of anyone. Imagine living your life so that you are afraid of no one. Second is get a really good bullshit detector and learn how to use it.
 And third is be really, really tender.”
— Laurie Anderson, Art Is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists

Making the best of the bad bargain
“Let us make the best of that bad bargain of being born in this vile planet, where we may find, however (God be thanked), much to laugh at, though little to approve.
― Mary Wortley Montagu: “Letter to James Steuart, Jan 13, 1761,” A New Dictionary of Quotations

Do nothing, expect nothing
“Shikantaza is the Japanese translation of a Chinese colloquialism for zazen, which in English means ‘single-minded sitting.’ In shinkantaza, you forget even that you are sitting, and your mind enters a state of nothingness. You are not seeking enlightenment, you are not strengthening your will, you are not doing this for good health — you aren’t actively thinking of anything. In Soto Zen, you simply sit, without striving.
― Sunmyo Masuno, The Art of Simple Living