Best office chair investment

I’ve been testing an Aeron Chair since 2001 and I’m ready to say, “Go for it.” Why now? Because I just realized that it is the cheapest chair I’ve ever owned. I’m 6′ 2″, 200-plus pounds, and put a lot of daily wear-and-tear on my chair. So I wasn’t surprised when, after eight years of use the seat cracked: I was sitting there and it gave way by about two inches. Except for an early problem with a slight wiggle in the base (which Herman Miller paid to have fixed) the chair has worked flawlessly.

I haven’t tried the previously reviewed Russel Executive Mesh Chair, but I’ve tried plenty of inexpensive office chairs that were not worth their initial low purchase prices. What makes this pricey chair so inexpensive to own is Herman Miller’s extraordinary warranty. Buy it from an authorized dealer and treat it with reasonable care and Herman Miller pays for parts, labor and shipping to have it fixed (for the original owner) for 12 years. You tell me where you can buy a product of this quality and style that is guaranteed to be good as new for 12 years? Additionally, the company makes having repairs performed pain-free. One of their authorized repair locations sent me a shipping box for my damaged Aeron, so that I could send it in. It was repaired and returned to me within two weeks. And I still have almost three more years on my warranty.

-- Chuck Green 02/24/10

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