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Nomadico issue #99

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Airline Filtering Site

With so many poor or unreliable results coming up in Google searches these days, it’s nice to find a website that answers your questions quickly and accurately. This one called is great at showing you filtered results like who is in which frequent flier alliance, the airlines that allow pets in the cabin, or which airlines have the best-paid pilots. “No Boeing” only gets you two results but the “No 737 Max” filter gives you around 100 airlines.

Portable Blackout Curtains

If you have trouble sleeping on the road because of light and don’t like to wear a mask all night, these Sleepout portable blackout curtains that Mark F. discovered could be a godsend. They use special suction cups to attach to varied surfaces and can mount vertically or horizontally.

Have Asthma? Avoid India

Where are the world’s most polluted cities? If you’ve spend much time in Asia, you probably have some good guesses. A staggering 99 out of the 100 worst in the world are on that continent according to this IQAir study and 83 are in India alone. You have to get into the 40s to get beyond these four countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. A few tidbits: Beloit, WI was the worst U.S. city for air quality and Vegas was the best, but “For the first time in the history of this report, Canada was the most polluted country in Northern America, with the region’s 13 most polluted cities located within its borders.”

Global Entry and NEXUS Fees Rising to $120

The fees for faster security line systems Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI are going up to $120 as of October 1. It won’t matter if you have a credit card that reimburses this cost as part of their benefits though. Many of those have hefty annual fees, but you’ll come out ahead from the start if you have the IHG One card ($99 annually but a free night’s stay in upon renewal) or the United Explorer Card ($95 annually, but with a free checked bag each flight).


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