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Allex SH-1 super-hard scissors


Heavy Duty Shears for Thick Paper and Cardboard Boxes

I’ve had these Allex Super Hard Spring Loaded Cardboard Shears (they call them scissors, but they’re really shears because one of the handles does not have a loop) since 2015. Blister packs are the bane of my existence. Cutting them leaves jagged edges that can easily slice your palm. You can try cutting around with a utility knife, but it’s an iffy proposition at best. I tried the “As seen on TV” cutter, but it has so many extra features thrown in that just holding the handles is a palaver.

I’ve owned the wonderful Allex office scissors since 1986 or so, and the made-in-Japan quality is outstanding. When I first saw the SH-1 with its offset-angled blade, it was an easy purchase decision. The blades are tough, and the long handles give you plenty of leverage to cut through the toughest blister pack with ease. The angled design means your hands are never near the edges.

There is a similar model by Canary (also made in Seki, Japan, formerly a center of traditional Japanese sword-making), the PS-6500H, with a similar blade design but two looped handles (thus being proper scissors) that you may prefer the handling of. 

-- Fazal Majid 01/19/23

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