Alpine Innovations Spudz

Keychain-ready microfiber

If you wear glasses or use a good camera, the Ultra Spudz is a boon. A square of microfiber cloth just-big-enough for an eyeglass lens is attached to a neoprene pod about the size of a grown man’s thumb. Pop the cloth out to clean your lenses, push it back into its pocket when not in use. The Spudz locks to a key ring, camera or bag strap, or a zipper so you won’t lose it. My Spudz lives attached to the zipper pull of my wallet’s change compartment. Since the Spudz is on a quick-release connector, it snaps on and off instantly. There’s nothing special about the cloth itself – it’s just always clean and always handy when you need it.

-- Jonathan Coupe 04/28/09

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