Alternative Dough Scrapers


Cheaper choppers

On January 28, 2018, we recommended a $15 steel dough scraper / food chopper made by Dexter-Russell. Our commenters recommended a number of less expensive alternatives.

  • Tirapop said: “I use a Norpro all-metal scraper [$7]. It works great and no maintenance is required. The screen-printed scale eventually disappears with repeated trips through the dishwasher.”
  • betterorworse said: “I think you can still buy the metal ones at the dollar store. That’s where I got mine, many years ago.”
  • KokoTheTalkingApe said: “For moving chopped stuff to the pot, I just use my chef’s knife because it is already in my hand after chopping something. Also, the knife block is right next to the cutting board.”
  • RogerKnights said: “A very similar item is available for $4.76 — the Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle. It’s rated 4.6 stars on 411 reviews”
-- Mark Frauenfelder 06/15/22

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