Amazen Pellet Tube Smoker


Smoker for cold and hot smoking

The Amazen Pellet Tube Smoker allows you to impart a smoke flavor to food while cooking outside, without necessarily needing a smoker. To operate you simply fill the tube full of food grade wood pellets, and light.

The smoke tube will create the thin blue smoke that you can use to add authentic flavor to your food. One of the problems with cooking on a gas grill is the lack of flavor that you can get from charcoal. Using the smoke tube allows you to add the additional flavor with the convenience of a gas grill. Even people with a charcoal grill can add wood chips. The tube comes in different sizes. The size of the tube changes how long it will burn for.

I can get 5+ hours of light blue smoke out of the 12” tube if I pack the pellets tightly. If you are lucky enough to have a smoker you can use the smoke tube in addition to your smoker to increase the smoke flavor without adding creatine or oversmoking. For those with a pellet, electric, or gas smoker you know how hard it is to get a deep smoke flavor with your smoker that compares with your friend’s charcoal smoker.

I have not tried using this inside in my oven, as the smoke would probably be over powering so I would only recommend this for outdoor cooking. You also want to make sure you buy food grade pellets and not pellets for pellet stoves used for heating. I usually buy a bag from Amazon and it lasts a very long time. Lighting the tube can be done with any flame, but I usually start it with a small propane torch which takes a few seconds. It would start with a grill lighter but might take more time. For people who are looking to get into smoking food, or who want to add some smoke flavor at home this device is a must have.

-- Patrick Sawyer 09/12/16

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