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Amazon Basics 1/4-Inch Spline Socket and Bit Set


Replaces Metric and English bits

I have been using a variant of this socket set for nearly a decade. I mostly use it in my motorcycle tool roll and in my lightweight tool bag — essentially any place where compact or light tools are needed. The utility of this set lies in the 1/4″ drive spline sockets. Spline sockets enable one socket to accommodate metric, SAE, Torx, and a few other fasteners. Instead of having to carry separate 3/8″, 10mm, and star E-12 sockets, one spline socket takes the place of three. This set covers every metric bolt from 4mm to 13mm, as well as every SAE bolt from 5/32″ to 1/2″. These sockets won’t replace high-quality six-point sockets for professionals, and the ratchet is quite small. However, for DIY consumers who want a light-duty portable set, this is a fantastic option.

The box is durable and compact, measuring less than 6″ by 4″. This set is manufactured by Sunex and rebranded by Amazon. Typically, the Amazon set is slightly less expensive, but the sets are identical except for the badge on the wrench. Be sure to purchase the 1/4″ 44-piece set. The other sets do not include spline sockets and feature only the standard six- or twelve-point sets.

-- Cameron Cole 04/13/23

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