Anti-Vandal Spray


Industrial-strength graffiti remover

Decent consumer solvents — for say removing graffiti — are pretty much unobtainable because of their abuse (“huffing”) and paranoia about carcinogenicity. So I was very happy to run across this industrial-grade stuff in an urban San Francisco hardware store.

Not only does it tackle every kind of marker and paint graffiti, but it’s perfect for those sticky removal situations like price tags and tree-sap-on-your-car that the consumer-grade citrus solvents still have trouble with. This stuff is also the perfect solution for those otherwise intractable remnants of double-sided foam tape: one shot of this and they rub right off with a paper towel.

It’s a pretty potent blend of solvents (including MEK, toluene, and trichloroethylene). So you will want to use it in a ventilated place away from flames, and minimize your skin exposure, but it really does work better.

-- Jonathan Foote 10/31/06